Why Freelancing is Not Easy and How to Do It Anyway?

Why Freelancing is Not Easy and How to Do It Anyway?

Why Freelancing is Not Easy and How to Do It Anyway?

The word “freelance” originated from the time of the knights in Europe. Knights had lances. “Freelance” referred to knights who had no permanent employers and can be hired by anyone. The status of a freelance is still the same today, except that freelancers in the modern times are not knights. Freelancers are just the people who have no permanent employers, no official job, and the perks that come with formal employment like medical insurance. Here are more reasons why freelancing is not easy and how to do it despite the difficulties.

Freelancing is Not Easy

Feeling Of Insecurity

Freelancing is not easy because it seems not secure. Yes, we now have Escrow and some companies that hire clients are truly trustworthy. Still, in freelancing, you never know what will happen next. A new project might come up and it could alter your whole job altogether, or you might suddenly get fired. Some freelancers go through financial disasters when they get fired because most freelancers get fired extremely quickly and without warning. In real jobs, your employer has to make a record of your termination and write down the authentic reason for your termination before really firing you. Freelancing jobs also don’t give you medical insurance.

Know Your Reasons

Some people choose to freelance because they have real jobs and they do freelancing only for additional income. Others have families or other personal commitments and freelancing ensures they still get income without being completely away from their duties. There are people who choose to freelance because they are still trying to determine how much talent they got and what they were meant to do in life. There are also people who are freelancing only because they love adventure and risks. Whatever your reasons are, knowing them clearly will help you focus on freelancing.

Cherish Freelancing

If you are freelancing, you probably have good reasons for it. Whenever freelancing is starting to make you feel depressed, remember the reasons why you’re doing it. What would be happening now or in the future if you weren’t freelancing? Would the building of your resume stop? Would your savings remain small? Would you be unable to buy the things you want? Knowing the bad things that could happen if you’re not freelancing will help you love freelancing. These jobs are for your own good and the good of your loved ones. Toiling day and night are worth it.


There are also freelancers who freelance only online. Online freelancing is one of the top jobs in the modern world because people get to finish a lot more work without the need for commuting and office dress codes. However, proper knowledge and skill enhancement is essential to keep yourself useful to your clients. You need to learn how to upgrade your knowledge. If you are able to produce meaningful work, freelance jobs can pay you big bucks.

Some online freelancing jobs also have a higher salary than proper jobs. The primary problem online freelancers get is adjusting to doing office work inside their own houses. This problem can be fixed over time, though. You just have to be strict with yourself and discipline yourself to be on time.


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