What Are the Types of Insurance Policies?


Insuring your vehicle is necessary and is also required by law. Just like any other vehicle it has become essential to insure your mountain bike, if you own one. If you want to insure your bike and enjoy all the benefits of it, you should shop around in the market to get your desired insurance policy. There are many insurance companies in the market so the competition is always on. This gives you a chance to get a better deal at a low price. You can inquire about the companies on the phone or you can search and compare them online. There are many companies like Protect Your Bubble, providing various types of insurance for your mountain bike.

If you are not aware of the use of online system then you can use a traditional method i.e. by visiting the office of the insurance firm, for purchasing mountain bike insurance. You can get answers for all your doubt related to insurance of mountain bike by asking face to face questions to an insurance professional.

What are the types of mountain bike insurance policies?

Generally, insurance agencies provide insurance policy of 3 types for mountain bikes. These can be classified under the following categories:

  1. Economy coverage: This type of coverage gives protection against theft along with liability for uninsured mountain bikes.
  2. Liability coverage: Under this category the insurance company provides cover if an accident happens due to the fault of the mountain bike owner. It does not include damage caused to the mountain bike and injury case to the owner of the bike. It only gives protection for the injury caused to another person along with the damage cost.
  3. Complete package: This kind of insurance cover includes full protection against any damage or injuries caused due to an accident. It also incorporates economy and liability coverage along with cover for collision.

What are the tips for choosing cheap mountain bike insurance?

  1. Purchasing a less expensive mountain bike reduces the cost of insurance, as these the cost of repair of these bikes is too less.
  2. The Parking area also affects the cost of insurance. You should keep your bike locked in your garage or at some other safe place if not in the home.
  3. You should not do insurance of your mountain bike for the cost more than the cost of your bike as the insurance cover includes the damage up to a limit that equals the market value of the bike.
  4. Make sure that you have all necessary documents required by the insurance agency ready as it affects the insurance cost majorly.
  5. If needed additional coverage then looks for a supplemental coverage.
  6. Take quotes from various insurance companies like uk.Protectyourbubble.com as their services and price for a particular type of insurance can vary a lot.
  7. Consult your friends or insurance experts before taking any type or bike insurance. The type of coverage is included in a policy affects its cost. So you should do a complete market research before taking any insurance for your bike. You should also check the history of an insurance agency before purchasing bike insurance.

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