Top 3 Offline Marketing Techniques on a Budget

With the internet completely transforming the general business world, some would argue that basic offline marketing principles have been forgotten in favor of practices such as SEO. While there’s no doubt that online marketing tactics such as search engine optimization have enormous power, old fashion techniques still exist and can make your business money.

Taking the above into account, here are our three favorite offline marketing techniques that are still proven to work – and won’t set you back a small fortune. Posters for every 100 posters you hand out, you may find 85 of them littered on the street. Unfortunately, that’s always the way that poster marketing has worked although this should not deter you.

There are countless services, such as the custom poster printing service here that will design you a professional poster and supply thousands of versions of it for an almightily small cost. Admittedly, you’ve then got to find someone to hand out the material, but most teenagers are more than happy to take such a job and will not charge through the roof.

Even though we did say that a lot of these posters will subsequently be found in bins or littered around road curbs, it’s worth mentioning that you’re not looking for a 100% success rate. While this would of course be nice, if you can attract just 5% of the people that receive posters you will most likely be making a huge profit on the small expense you paid for them. It might be an old fashioned method, and it might involve a bit of work, but the low cost approach of posters means that you would be a fool to ignore it.

Trailer Branding

This is another method that doesn’t have to be overly expensive and can net you a lot of customers. If you have ever driven down one of the major motorways you will probably notice trailers parked in farmers’ fields, with adverts attached that promote a business. With motorists only viewing the advertisements for a split second, they generally are more effective when they highlight a website which can easily be remembered.

The beauty of this method is that it can be a frighteningly cheap method to catch the attention of tens of thousands of people per day. There are countless fields situated next to the motorways that do not have such adverts and if you approach the owner of such land with a low offer, they will most likely take it immediately for the sake of earning money that was never expected.

Admittedly, it’s targeting the masses – and this won’t work for a lot of businesses. However, if you can drop on just a handful of motorists a day, your business could soar. Freebies Another tried and tested offline method is giving away freebies. If your business is based on tangible goods, giving away a sample product is the ideal way to draw future customers.

Of course, such an approach is not always going to be effective and you must ensure you draw on the right crowd. Pick the wrong spot and chances are all of those samples will be gone in an instant – with no new customers arising out of the practice.

Therefore, make sure you pick an area where you are not going to get fleeced and there is the opportunity for potential customers. University student fairs are good for a lot of businesses as even though students are renowned for taking advantage of anything that is free, if your product remotely applies to them they will impulsively act on it and might purchase the full version.

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