Redefining Precision Agriculture Through the Use of Drones

Redefining Precision Agriculture Through the Use of Drones

Redefining Precision Agriculture Through the Use of Drones

In this modern day, the use of technology such as drones is getting popular. Drones that were once used for gaming and entertainment purposes are now evolving into a much useful tool. Like how many farmers now prefer to use Drones for Agriculture.

With drones, farmers can effectively monitor their crop through a low-cost aerial camera platform. Because drones are can be used in many ways other than capturing images, such as crop analysis, bird scaring, and asset inspection, more and more farmers are believed to embrace the use of drones in agriculture or drone technology.

Drones You Can Choose From

Knowing what drones in agriculture one must buy is very important. It must serve what the farmer is intended to use it for. Here is a glimpse of drones farmers can choose from.

  • AeroDrone MR4

New features of AeroDrone MR4 are as follows:

–    Pixhawk2  Open-Source Autopilot System


–    AeroLinkTM

–    PowerClipTM

–    Twist and Done

–    Flight Time

–    Storage and Transport

Together with its new features is its new design. That includes:

–     High Proficiency Propulsion

–    Aluminum Arms

–    Integrated AeroLinkTM Telemetry

–    Folding Carbon Fiber Propellers

–    Polycarbonate Landing Gear

–    Quick Change Battery System

–    Custom Designed Electronics System

  • AeeoDrone-MR6-Unfolded-Iso

This drones surely light a spark in your mind. Getting interested now? To learn more about this drones visit

Benefits of Drones in Farming

Because of the fast-growing population, it is expected to have a substantial increase in agricultural consumption. This is the reason why the use of a drone is expected to grow as well. Drones have a lot of benefits for agriculture. Some of them are:

  • Analysis

Soil and field analysis is necessary for deciding on what patterns to use in planting. Drones are useful to make 3D images which can provide information to conduct soil analysis in soil property, soil erosion, and moisture Monitoring

  • Save Time and Money

Evaluating fields manually on foot or by tractors can be time-consuming. It is much faster and efficient to use drones in scouting farm fields. Thus, giving farmers immediate knowledge on the status of their field.

To reduce planting cost, some manufacturers have developed a system that enables pods to shoot seed and plant nutrients into the prepared soil.

  • Monitoring

Due to unpredictable weather pattern, monitoring large fields has been a challenge to many farmers. And it is difficult for them to do crop monitoring.

Drones can be used to produce a real-time image and even animation of the crop development: which shows production problems, resulting into better crop management and increase in yields. Click here to get detailed overview about the same above.


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