Printed vs Embroidered Workwear – What to Go For

Printed vs Embroidered Workwear – What to Go For

Printed vs Embroidered Workwear – What to Go For

Whatever it is you do, custom workwear is a great way to stand out and look professional, whilst also being extremely functional for working in.

However, something that might not have crossed your mind is whether you’re better opting for a design which is embroidered (stitched in) or printed onto the clothing.

Well, there are a couple of key differences which might mean that one option is more suited to your needs than the other, so here’s a quick rundown.

Printed vs Embroidered Workwear


First things first, you’ll need to consider what kind of workwear you’re going to be opting for since certain types of clothing lend themselves to either printing or embroidering.

For example, if you’re going to be working outside in all conditions and need your clothing to be waterproof, then it’ll need to be printed, as embroidering could compromise the waterproofness of the garment.

On the other hand, if your workwear is going to be a bit more formal, like a buttoned shirt, it would look cheap and tacky with printing.

Generally speaking, printing is the cheaper option of the two so if you’re in a line of work where it’s going to get a lot of use and need to be replaced more often, it’s better to go with printing.

If, on the other hand, it’s just going to be a shirt for wearing around the office or for client visits, then you’ll probably want to invest in the higher quality and longer lasting embroidery.


Colour is also an important consideration. If it’s really important to you to get the colour an exact match to your company branding, then you might find it difficult to find the right colour with CAD printing.

Either way, embroidery and printing both look slightly different once they’ve been printed.

According to Stitch Embroidery: “Embroidery looks more similar to the rest of the garment, made of a similar material and will catch the eye in the same way. On the other hand, printed designs are usually flatter and more reflective.”

Size and Level of Detail

You’ll also want to think about how much detail the design is going to need to incorporate.

If you have a logo which has lots of small, intricate details or lots of different colours to include, then you’ll probably want to opt for an embroidered design.

If it’s a bit simpler, such as some simple typography or shapes, then you’re fine to go for printed.

On the other hand, if a logo is really big, then it’ll probably need to be printed, as an embroidered logo could be stretched and distorted!


Of course, the cost is always going to be a big consideration in whatever you do. If you’re working with a small budget, or if you’re only going to be using the clothing for a one-off event, then you’ll just need something simple and low-cost. Similarly, the opposite also applies and you’ll want to invest in better quality for something long-term.

It’s also worth checking if there are any discounts available if you buy in bulk, or agree to open an account, as this could make you a nice saving (but you should also remember the delivery costs too!)

It sounds like a lot to take into account but if you go to a reputable provider, then they should be able to assist you in working out which option is right for you.

In the meantime, for more information about screen printing and how it works, check out this post from One Hour Tees.


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