Is Truck Driving the Right Career for You?

Is Truck Driving the Right Career for You?

Is Truck Driving the Right Career for You?

There are several reasons why a person might choose a career in truck driving: an overabundance of available positions makes finding a job in the field easy; certain positions offer lots of opportunities for travel; and there are tons of monetary perks that truck drivers get, like a sizable salary and excellent health benefits. Those extras alone aren’t always enough to make a person happy or successful in their job, though. How do you know if truck driving is really the right career for you? Read on to find out.

Do You Have the Right Background?

At first glance, it may not seem like you need a whole lot in order to qualify to be a truck driver. Not everyone is an ideal candidate for the job, though. In order to become a truck driver, you’ll need the following: a CDL license, a clean driving record and successfully passed vision and medical exams. What you don’t need is a college degree or even a high school diploma, which is why becoming a truck driver is such a great opportunity for those who don’t have a formal education. However, if you’re not a good driver in general or if you have certain health conditions, you may not meet the basic requirements.

Will I Be Able to Pass the CDL Exam?

Taking and passing the CDL exam isn’t a walk in the park – after all, it’s not a cinch to maneuver enormous trucks! In order to get your CDL, you’ll have to take both written exams and an actual road test in a truck. If you have good reading and test taking skills, and if you can safely drive a big rig, you have a good chance of obtaining a CDL. There are also courses that are offered at truck driving schools to help you prepare for the exam.

Are There Any Mental or Physical Challenges?

Learning to drive an oversized eighteen-wheeler isn’t the only challenge that truck drivers have to face. Sometimes, work days can stretch for as long as eleven hours on the road, not to mention a few more hours loading and unloading cargo. In order to make it through difficult, tedious days like this, truck drivers need both mental and physical strength.

 It’s important to be able to focus on the road for an extended period of time without going out of your mind because of boredom or, worse, exhaustion. It’s also par for the course that truck drivers end up spending a lot of time away from their home and family. If isolation isn’t something you think you can deal with, you may want to look into local truck driving jobs, like being a delivery person in your area.

Can You Work Independently?

Some employees thrive when left to their own devices, while others simply don’t know how to handle a day’s work without a manager guiding them. If you fall into the first category, you’re bound to love the independence that driving a truck offers. You won’t have a manager breathing down your neck or trying to micro-manage your day. As long as you’re able to meet a deadline and figure out when you need a break from the road for safety reasons, you’ll do well in this career.

What Are the Biggest Benefits of Being a Truck Driver?

Think you can handle the unique challenges that truck drivers face? Great! That means you can reap the benefits this job title offers. Two of the biggest perks that truck drivers get are high pay and job security.

Truck drivers tend to make a nice amount of money, especially if they have their own rig. According to Dotson Truck Driving School, the economic demand for truck drivers is only going to grow over the next decade. So long as you can handle the career’s demands, it looks like you’ll have a job you can depend on.

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