How to Make Your Massage Business More Sellable

How to Make Your Massage Business More Sellable

How to Make Your Massage Business More Sellable

Therapy business in Houston is one of the fastest growing niches especially in the area of promoting human wellness matters. As a bodywork professional, you know to make a cut in the industry; you have to make your services available on various platforms on the web.

Running a business whose role is to enhance people’s health, you can include a few things when advertising to activate even those customers sitting on the fence. Selling your massage business is all about how you package it. Here are some of the tips you can apply to maximize your business visibility.

Massage Business More Sellable

Start a Blog Talking About the Services You Provide

The best way to persuade your clients that you are authentic and authority in massage & rub body services is by starting a blog. Frequently share information related to massage therapy on your blog and focus on ranking your site on major search engine (Google, Bing, and Yahoo). Through organic search, many customers will reach your business easily. On the other hand, many will gain trust with your services as they can search and see your work online.

Network with Like-Minded

Network with other massage therapists and through that, you can market your services or learn loads of ideas maybe in forums, Social Media groups etc. Don’t be a spectator, but contribute to the network you are connected and other professionals will notice you. Also, they can recommend your services to their clients especially when busy.

Put Your Business on Social Media

Today, most businesses are happening on Social Media. When running your adverts, include your social links for clients to connect you in whatever way they like. So, if your profiles have basic information of 10 years ago when you were in sophomore, it’s time to edit and make it reflect the professional that you offer. Secondly, post topics that are related to massage business bearing in mind every social media platform have a different approach of information depending on the audience. So, study your target customers on every platform in order to tailor content focused on them.

Hire Professionals

As your business expands, it will reach a point where you cannot handle the traffic of customers flocking your massage business. Therefore, look for therapist’s who understand your business and target customers. It makes it easier to deliver quality work even when you are not around.

Be Proactive in Your Community

The best way to become a respectable person in the Houston community and win the love of the people around is to be proactive by attending events. Your face will ring in their heads, and while there, take that opportunity to market your massage services through the word of mouth and business cards.

Ask Your Clients to give you Reviews

Nothing empowers your business trust like a genuine review from customers who have tasted your body rub services. Over 80% of customers online make their decision based on reviews, now you can see the importance to ask a few positive words about your business plus services.


Your therapy business becoming successful through advertisement you can see it requires the support of other elements to bulldoze customers to your area of operation. Apart from these, you can research other effective ways to keep your massage and body rubs business outstanding from others.


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