Hiring Safety Specialists for Your Company – Effective Tips

Hiring Safety Specialists for Your Company – Effective Tips

Hiring Safety Specialists for Your Company – Effective Tips

Finding the right staff for your H&S process is extremely important as the role is highly critical, no matter if you looking for Health, Safety advisors or corporate safety executives for your company. All safety professionals are expected to strictly comply with your company’s policies and the local government’s safety regulations. Any mediocre hire could be risky, so you need to be careful while scrutinizing the CVs.

Health and safety recruitment agencies

Since environmental health and safety is a critical process, numerous businesses count on recruitment agencies for hiring talent. Recruitment agencies have a better understanding of the job market. With an excellent database of profiles from candidates across the country, these agencies will be able to help you recruit staff with great expertise and understanding of the subject. They also have the time and resources to scan each CV, instead of skimming them like how HR professionals do. There are agencies which provide employees for both permanent and contractual work. H&S recruitment from Principal People is an amazing example of a reliable agency available locally.

Hiring Safety Specialists for Your Company

Does the applicant qualify for the job?

The applicant’s education history, qualifications and work experience will help you understand if he or she is suitable for the role or not. If the candidate has completed safety-related education courses, and have taken up additional certification courses from accredited organizations, they can be considered. Students with certification from unaccredited organizations unfortunately don’t stand a chance, as these courses can be taken by anyone from any industry, irrespective of their job profile.

Are there certain standards to recruit safety professionals?

Though there are no specific standards set by most government authorities, it is important to hire someone who has the knowledge of the subject, and will be competent enough to undertake a range of functions. For example, if they’re able to identify hazards easily, and can provide solutions to tackle these hazards, they could be considered for the job. However, if you’re hiring senior managers or C-level executives, work experience plays a very important role.

How to recruit the best talent?

When it comes to safety, your employee should be able to understand the technicalities of the job. To understand if the candidate has enough knowledge about the subject, give them an opportunity to show their competence by asking them to write down samples of their thesis/ subject area. This will help you evaluate their skills easily.

Importance of hiring safety consultants

Even if your company does not require a team of safety professionals, investing in a safety consultant will be excellent for your business. These consultants regularly attend conferences, and have up-to-date information on the latest regulations imposed by the government. Additionally, they could provide training for your entire staff.

Training programs for your employees

In order to create a safe working environment, it is essential to provide your staff with regular training programs. This will reduce the number of injuries and accidents, and improve the quality of your workforce.


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