Cannabis Packaging

Environment friendly processes, energy saving techniques and recycled materials is what makes us stand apart from other competitors in the packaging market. Epac’s digital printing is gaining a hype  for being the most eco friendly process, leaving lesser impact on the environment.  Cannabis industry is a fast growing one, which means there is always an increasing competition for branding, marketing and packaging of cannabis edibles. Thinking of ways of packaging, there might be a typical candy or snack packaging in mind; but to stand out and make your cannabis sell, one has to literally think outside the box! Epac is the first company to leverage digital technology and focus on short run and quick turn around business. Cannabis edibles are to be kept safe, potent and fresh; and that is where Epac comes into picture with its different style of the Best Flexible Packaging. Epac packaging is unique, it stands out from the rest in various ways: they are environment friendly, they are flexible and they do not disturb the ecosystem. Epac follows 4 intelligently designed steps to make the best possible packaging.

Cannabis Packaging

  1. Pre media: The first step where you can upload your artwork and the graphic artists help you design the perfect package.
  2. Digital printing: Highly quality state of the art digital printing which is customizable to suit the packaging needs.
  3. Laminating: Environment friendly products used to laminate the packaging. Solubility of the same is also taken care of to ensure a sturdy packaging.
  4. Pouch making: The last and an equally important step, pouch making done through various equipments which provides customers with a broad variety of pouch types.

Handling good quantities is a task too. The company modelled digital and flexo run lengths and now work with HP Indigo 20000 to print the most cost efficient copies, somewhere between 1000 and 25000 copies. Their lamination and pouching are also done effectively so as to maximize the batch count. With the cannabis flexible packaging industry growing by leaps and bounds in the United States, there are many new businesses creating and selling edible forms of the herb. One needs to pick up the most appropriate one and pack it in the most apt manner to deliver and utilize the edible to the maximum. In our opinion Epac has come out as a top contender in the upcoming market.


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