Best Family Gift Idea: Inkless Baby Footprint Kit

Best Family Gift Idea: Inkless Baby Footprint Kit

Best Family Gift Idea: Inkless Baby Footprint Kit

It is time for the holiday season once again— and the best things worth doing while celebrating it is giving gifts. Well, some are just going over stuffs like clothes and essentials. While, some are really going crazy over giving safe baby gifts ideas.

Yes you heard that right— if you are giving to a newborn niece or your closest friend’s baby, most likely you want to give the best yet the safest gift ever. While you can give pacifier or baby clothes, it still nice to give something that is really unusual and keepsake gifts.

Well, you are definitely at the right blog post! Today’s post will talk about the new trend today, this is giving our inkless baby footprint kit. This is definitely the ultimate gift you can give to a family today. You are surely going to draw smiles and joy to mothers and fathers with this gift idea.

Best Family Gift Idea

Reasons to Give a Baby Footprint Kit

Babies are not babies forever. They grow by the second, by the minute and the next you know they are off to school getting a stars, or their out with their friends and playing soccer. And basically you can’t just get hold of them and hug and kiss them forever.

Which is why, it would be a very nice idea to gift someone an  inkless baby footprint kit. Not only that this makes the parents very ecstatic, but it also help them keep a memory of their once baby.

Apart from that, here are a few reasons why you should consider giving a baby footprint kit. Let’s start with…

It’s something more valuable. Giving a baby footprint kit makes it more valuable and worth giving rather than giving a toy, or baby shoes and clothes which will overtime just outgrew the child.

It’s safe. Let’s admit it, if giving a gift to a toddler or newborn we’re usually crazy about giving unsafe things or fake essentials. And babies are such sensitive with led content and other more chemicals in a toy or clothes. With this inkless baby footprint kit, you are a hundred percent 100% sure that you are giving the family a safe gift.

It’s a baby impression kit. Babies grew so fast, so the best thing you can give is something that will capture those precious early days. Baby impression kit is definitely a definite choice. This baby gifts is a gentle moulding of their tiny digits— footprints, handprints, body prints, basically depending on you.

It’s made of soft clay. It is definitely not the clay you have in mind, the clay that is unsafe and full of chemicals not recommended for babies.

It’s easy to use. All you needed to do is lightly press your little one’s hand or foot into the surface to indent, this then hardens into a long-lasting keepsake— that you can either put in a frame and decorate in your home or a baby memories album.

And that’s it! Keep hold of the trinkets you make with your baby casting kit, or you can pass them on to friends and family as another gift too!


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