6 Points to Look for in a Translation Service Just Right for You

6 Points to Look for in a Translation Service Just Right for You

6 Points to Look for in a Translation Service Just Right for You

In order to take your business to a global level, you need to translate your content in many languages and therefore you need a good translation company. But choosing among the wide range available is certainly daunting. Here are a few points you should consider to make sure you hire just the right translation agency.

1. Quality Control.

First and foremost thing that you should check is to make sure the translation service you are considering has a good quality control process. This means that whether they are getting the job done in-house or outsourcing, you should check if they apply a process of multiple levels of proofreading and editing or not. For interpreting jobs, make sure whether their in-house staff is involved in every step of the job from start to finish to take care of any last-minute problem.

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2. Linguists.

Linguist pool of translation companies may vary. You should make sure that your job is handled by a linguist having both translation and interpreting knowledge and the knowledge of the subject matter.

3. Confidentiality.

You should feel extremely comfortable while the confidentiality is concerned. Check where your documents are stored. How is your information handled when it’s in the company’s hands? If the company is outsourcing the jobs, how do they ascertain confidentiality on the part of the other company? Check if the company gets a contract signed from the translators and interpreters for every project which involves a confidentiality clause. Ask if they can sign confidentiality agreements provided by you.

4. Translations from English to Foreign Languages by Native Speakers.

Make sure if these translations are handled by native speakers, with a very few exceptions. Only native speakers are able to capture all the nuances as well as cultural references in a language. Only native speakers can create a work that won’t seem a translation. If necessary they should turn to their linguists who live with the people speaking target language.

5. Handling Monthly or Yearly Updates of Content.

Though it may not come to your mind at first, it’s always possible that you may need updates to your previously translated content. For example, if you are getting your website translated, you will need to update the information on a regular basis. If you have got your business contract translated, it may have to be changed after a year upon the expiry of the original contract and forming a new contract.

6. Simultaneous Interpreters for an Urgent Multilingual Conference.

Simultaneous interpretation, particularly in technical subjects, is a highly specific skill.  Expert interpreters are usually booked months in advance. So, be careful with a firm that assures you that they can provide such a service within a short time. It doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Some firms can check with their pool to see if someone is ready to leave a few planned days off or probably has had a cancellation. In that case, the firm may ask for time, check with their pool and then get back to you.

Look for these points while finding a translation agency and you will get just the right service.


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