5 Reasons To Set Up Your Business In Birmingham

5 Reasons To Set Up Your Business In Birmingham

5 Reasons To Set Up Your Business In Birmingham

Located in the heart of UK, Birmingham is an exciting place to do business. In recent years, Birmingham has become a vibrant hub for entrepreneurs and dotted Britain’s engine room since the early days of the Industrial Revolution. The city’s industrial sector has, so far, diversified, and there has been a tremendous increase in commercial property for sale.

Being home to global brands, Birmingham is a genuine economic powerhouse that has been seen to drive innovation on a global scale. The city has been labelled business-centric, now competing with its counterparts in Europe and the world. Commercial property, on the other hand, has been in high demand from upcoming industries. Here are top 5 reasons to set up your business in the city.

Set Up Your Business In Birmingham

Strong History

 A lot of established businesses that have found their way to the global platform were born in Birmingham. Being situated in the middle of the country, the city has multiple offices to rent and means of transport and is, therefore, a major gateway between the south and the north.

For a long time, the city has been viewed as a major base for innovation and creativity, encouraging the erection of commercial property for rent and a plethora of entrepreneurs from architects to craftspeople to set up their businesses. With its burgeoning business hubs for transport and logistics and IT, among other services, Birmingham gives all the reasons to set up a business.

Lower Barriers to Starting a Business

Whether a business starter wants to incorporate a company within an hour or fill out a tax return, the regulatory requirements for exploring commercial ventures are easy with the barriers to starting a business getting lower. Britain’s government has also become smarter and is now providing financial schemes that give rise to financial benefits.


In every entrepreneur’s priority list when looking for location and commercial property for sale in Manchester is managing costs. Birmingham offers commercial entities the opportunity to do business at an affordable rate. Here, firms that wish to relocate their headquarters get substantial saving opportunities.

Other costs of running a business such as professional services are lower than in the capital. More so, the second city has undergone profound changes with masses of construction going on to replace the old-age architecture with new structures. It means that property agents are easy to find and office spaces here are quite affordable.

Talent Relocation

Birmingham has seen an influx of tech talent transfers. It is a beneficial move for the city entrepreneurs and business owners who are aiming to scale up their businesses. Around Birmingham are at least 18 universities, meaning that businesses here have access to highly skilled graduates.

Cheaper living

Life in London, especially for businesses, is extortionate, meaning entrepreneurs are now looking for affordable housing. Birmingham has experienced an overflow of relocating businesses since the cost of office space is friendly. Tech workers living in London agree that the city is problematic for their business, claiming that the cost of living there is high. Commercial property for sale in Birmingham is, by far, affordable; the reason business relocation has been on the rise.

The vibrancy of the city and its variety of places to home your business make Birmingham an iconic, economic hub in the UK.


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