5 Factors To Consider When Buying Restaurant Insurance In Houston!

5 Factors To Consider When Buying Restaurant Insurance In Houston!

5 Factors To Consider When Buying Restaurant Insurance In Houston!

Insurance is very important part while doing a business today. Whether you own a restaurant or any food service, every restaurant must consider insurance. But it is not that easy to select any one because there are so many restaurant insurances you should choose from. To understand which is good for your one, consider these following things before you buy.

Type of Establishment

When talking about restaurant insurance then you need to ensure all hospitality business which includes taverns, bars, entertainment venue, nightclub and other quick services like caterers, pizzerias, delis, food trucks and many more.

Significantly there will be different policies to protect each business. Therefore, take time and decide what all risks are associated with your restaurant. An insurance consultant can help you in identifying all those risks.

Type of Risks

Know the risk or exposure of your restaurant that can help you to buy right insurance protection for your business.

  • Spoilage insurance: Protection against food poison is a form of spoilage or foot contamination insurance which is wise and necessary.
  • Liquor liability insurance: If liquor is served in your restaurant, you should take liquor insurance. It provides coverage to liquor-related claims made against your restaurant.
  • Equipment breakage coverage: Whether there is a mechanical failure, improper maintenance, power surges or internal issues any other. It never knows when internal damage will happen and existing property coverage may not cover its cost completely. Therefore equipment breakdown coverage is necessary to protect your business from any income loss.
  • Employee fraud or theft: Theft is normally found in small businesses like employers take cash from transactions.
  • Property insurance: Restaurant alone faces the risk of fire because cooking share a fair amount of high temperature and dining rooms often are filled with patrons.

Buy Specialized Insurance

restaurant insurance

There are fewer insurance companies that provide one insurance covering all the segments. So take time to look into and know the company focuses only on food service industry. Because they will have the right amount of experience to help you in picking right insurance that meets very specific requirements.


When you go for restaurant insurance in Houston, hire any captive agent. But they may represent you only one company and will have the best choice for you. The other alternative is an independent agent representing you to different insurance companies.

Ask the agent till now how many restaurants they insured? Ask for a list of five that are similar to your establishment. If you get such information, then you can be tension free that your agent is knowledgeable regarding your type of insurance.


The location plays a major role in insurance needs of restaurants. If you live in a place nearer to flooding prone, then you need to secure your restaurant with flood insurance. Natural disaster and power outage are common in some areas.

It is little delicate to find the best insurance for your restaurant. Never overlook the importance of them that covers the above-said factors for operating your restaurant to fit you in right way.


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