Effective Staff Management for SMEs

Effective Staff Management for SMEs

Effective Staff Management for SMEs


One of the toughest challenges when running a business is managing staff. Once you reach the stage where your company requires more than one pair of hands, and you’re required to delegate and place trust in other people, things can get more complicated for a SME owner. Small businesses will rarely have a management hierarchy or any specific HR employees to help with people management, so this task will fall to you.

Some people are naturally more talented at interpersonal relationships and staff management than others, but it is certainly a skill that can be learnt by all. You can find out your business personality online, and this will show you whether you’re more of a people person or a shrewd business type. Whichever you are currently you will need to work on some areas in order to better support your team and maintain a thriving, growing business.

Staff require encouragement and external motivation from their managers, namely you, and giving this will help you reach maximum productivity as well as keeping staff happy. You will also need to make sure that they are satisfied with the level of work they have and the pay for this. A good idea is to have a regular meeting with each member of your staff, to make sure that their needs are being met.

Having a good business foundation is important in gaining and maintaining the trust of your staff. Make sure that you have all your finances in order before you hire anyone, so you can be sure that their salary can be paid on time. Check taxation laws and be careful to follow them to the letter as, whilst under your charge, your employees are your responsibility. As such you have to protect them from any illness or accident that could befall them at work. Good business insurance is integral to a safe and relaxed working environment.

If you’re not already equipped with the necessary skillset to manage staff then you must include this as a progression area. Keeping your work force productive and happy is just as important as keeping your books balanced, so invest time in maintaining good relationships as your small business gets bigger.

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